How To Embed A YouTube Video In WordPress

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Adding a video to your website can be a great way to add some vibrancy to your WordPress site. According to Forbes, adding relevant video content can increase user engagement and the amount of time users spend on your site. If you want to embed videos from YouTube or other video sources, WordPress makes it possible to embed videos directly into the sidebar, posts, or pages.

How To Embed A YouTube Video In WordPress Pages and Posts

One feature that WordPress has is “auto-embeds,” which means that you can automatically embed your desired video’s code from Youtube into your site. Simply paste the video URL into the WordPress page or page. Once you paste it into the content area, WordPress will display the video within the content editor. After saving the post, you’ll be able to click the preview button to watch the video within your post.

Now, you can change the alignment or the width of the video and even add a caption. You can also lock in the video’s aspect ratio for mobile devices for a more seamless mobile experience.

How To Embed A YouTube Video Using WordPress’ Classic Editor

Some WordPress users might still be using the WordPress classic edition, which is a bit more outdated. Luckily, the steps for embedding a YouTube video are the same; copy the YouTube URL of the video you want to put in your post and then paste it into the editor. For those who are using a visual editor, the video preview will also appear here.

The old classic editor is a little more limited because you won’t be able to adjust the width of the video or make other adjustments that are possible through the WordPress block editor from the previous method.

How To Embed A YouTube Video In WordPress’ Classic Editor

You might not want to have a YouTube video within the page or post, but instead, on the WordPress sidebar widget. A widget is a small block of specific functionality that you can put within your WordPress sidebars. If you are a novice WordPress site owner, widgets can be a quick way for you to add dynamic items like quotes, galleries, or popular posts to your WordPress site.

Visit Appearance → Widgets in the WordPress admin area. If you don’t already have widgets, you’ll see that there is a list of widgets you can add, as well as the areas within your WordPress site where you can place them, which are called sidebars.

Once you have established where you want to put the video, you can add the “Text” widget. Within the widget settings, you can paste the YouTube URL within that content box. Once again, WordPress will display a video preview. Once you have confirmed it is the right video, hit “save,” and the video will now be live on your WordPress.

How To Embed A YouTube Video In Using A WordPress Plugin

While you don’t need a plugin to embed a video into your WordPress site, you still might want to because a plugin can increase your site’s functionality and help make a better user experience.

With over 58,000 free plugins available via the WordPress plugin directory, you’ll be able to find the right plugin for you quickly. Simply search for the functionality of the plugin you want, read reviews to find a reliable one, and install and then activate it.

The good thing about YouTube embed plugins is that you tend to add more functionality to your site than simply embedding the URL into WordPress. Here are a few of the features you can find in plugins:

  • Options to improve consent and privacy options for your Videos
  • More visual setting control so you can decide how the video on your sites look, including things like color and size
  • Tools to add social media buttons to increase user engagement
  • Ability to add entire YouTube playlists to your site, with more formation and design options
  • The option to lazy load your videos (won’t preload the video until they are actually needed; helps to increase your site’s performance)

Can I Upload Videos Directly To WordPress?

The short answer is yes, you can upload videos directly to WordPress, but we don’t recommend it. Videos take up a lot of space, and many smaller blogs and websites can’t handle the strain of the added resources. If you are trying to upload a lot of different videos or have an influx of traffic, your website might crash.

Plus, if you were to upload the videos directly to your WordPress site, you would be missing out on a huge source of potential traffic: YouTube. This video social network is one of the most popular ones out there and is the second most popular search engine in the world. If you post your video first on YouTube and then embed the URL on your WordPress site, you increase the amount of potential traffic your video and your website might get.

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