Best Website Builders

Using website builders is a great way to avoid the need of hiring a web developer or the need to learn how to start your own website by yourself.

We review the best website builders by features, ease of use and pricing, for you to make a better decision for your website. Want to learn more about website builder? click here.

Best value 1 Wix Review
2 Shopify Review
3 Gator Website Builder Review
4 Site123 Review

What Are Website Builder?

Web builders are a complete website creation solutions for those who wants an out-of-the-box solution, without the need of paying a developer to develop and maintain the website.

Website Builder provide the hosting service, the technology and the designs. The good companies also offer an advanced technical support by chat and even phone (!).

Web builders usually charge monthly, or sometimes yearly, and offer various pricing packages, often a basic FREE package and premium packages.

What Is It Good For?

Today, the advanced web builders offer a variety of website types in their arsenal. You can build a blog, a marketing site, landing pages and even online stores (eCommerce). 

Choosing a Website Builder

Not all website builders born equal. As it was developed by different companies, one can be better from the other, having more features, simpler to use or cheaper. 

We've concentrated the best website builders to a list, and reviewed each one of them for you. 

10 Best Hosting Website
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